Our Girls

Graves Atomic City Labrador, Tamina CGCA (“Tamina”)

It took us awhile to find the perfect breeder in which to purchase our female. We finally came across Graves Labradors. We followed her for years, and then finally in 2017 I contacted her and told her I wanted a black female that carried all three coat colors. It was meant to be, they had considered keeping Tamina in their own program but agreed to let us adopt her. She came to us at 8 weeks old. Tamina comes from a Champion bloodline. Within 7 generations, her bloodline holds over 30 championships.  Her pedigree is star-studded with many Championships and Titles in both the show ring and field, including confirmation AND Master Hunters.  We plan to show her when life calms down. Right now, she holds the CGC title and the Advanced CGC title (CGCA). She was used to demonstrate many of the a CGC tests during the class. We are very proud of her.

She has a very calm, and affectionate temperament, and a compact English build. She holds a special place in our hearts! My kids have a very special bond with her. She really tries to interact and play with them, care for them if they are upset (lays with you and depending on the person gives kisses). To learn more about her, click here.

*EeBb carries yellow and chocolate (Byc)

Health Clearances:

  • CNM (muscular) cleared through Parentage
  • EIC (heart) cleared through Parentage
  • PRA-prcd (eyes) carrier
  • OFA Hips- excellent
  • OFA Elbows- normal