“Brittany has been such a pleasure to work with. She is the most caring and loving breeder that I ever met. Her dogs are part of her family and live with their 3 small children, which gives the newborn puppies such a great first experience with kids right when they are born.
I was choosing my puppy from a different state and wasn’t sure how I would exactly end up coming to get my new baby. Brittany has been so extremely helpful with researched information about transporting puppies on the plane and what type of crate to get and how much the cost is with different airlines. I also couldn’t decide between male or female and the color of my future puppy, but Brittany was so patient with me and allowed me to get to know the puppies personalities via recorded videos and descriptions of their behaviors.
Brittany made sure everyone has proper instructions about how to bring their new puppies home, what to expect and what to prepare for them. She had a folder and a toy with a blanket that smelled like Tamina ready for each puppy to go home with. She also recommended a really good quality food and vitamins that she has been feeding the puppies and their parents with. Bailey loves this food and her daily vitamin-treat, it makes her coat so gorgeous and shiny, she gets compliments all the time! She is definitely an eye catcher and everyone wants to pet her. She also has such a sweet personality and loves to socialize and meet new people. She loves both adults and children, and is always very excited to meet new furry friends as well. 
Bailey has been very easy to train and is eager to please with any new command. I couldn’t be more happier with my new baby, she brings me so much joy every day!
I highly recommend Brittany to everyone who is interested in the most loving and most beautiful Labrador puppy.”

~Dankova Family June 2020

Brittany was the kindest person to my family and me when we were picking out the next member of our family. Because of Brittany’s kind words and excellent knowledge of the puppies, my family ended up getting two litter-mates. The day we picked up the puppies she had a folder together, a stuffed animal that smelled like their mom, and food ready. Sadie came off to college with me and her brother stayed with the rest of my family. Sadie’s health is phenomenal! She is a happy, energetic, sleep a lot puppy. She learned my commands for her quite quickly and she loves any toy she is given (especially if it squeaks). She has a dog bed but chooses to sleep on the pillows above my head. I highly recommend getting a new family member from Brittany, you won’t be disappointed!
– Ashlynn and Sadie Mae ~ Jan. 26, 2020

Bruce (Lives in NM), Dustan & Tamina’s 2019 Litter
~ 110 pounds Weighted a couple of months after 1st birthday

Working with Brittany was a pleasure. From the very beginning, she was very open about how the puppies were being handled and treated (which is nothing but the best!). She encouraged us to visit our puppy often, even before we could take him home. We not only got to interact with him ourselves, but also got to watch how he interacted with the other dogs and Brittany’s kids. The family environment that Brittany provided was very inviting and appealing.  Brittany kept us updated on our puppy’s wellbeing, made recommendations on various foods/vitamins, and provided us with very detailed health records. Bruce (as we named him) is almost a year old, and I still reach out to Brittany when I have a question regarding health, behavior, etc. 
Bruce is loveable, intelligent, and eager to please. He has been very easy to train thus far. He is very people-oriented and wants to be wherever his people are. Bruce not only gets along with us, but also LOVES everyone he meets, including other dogs and kids. 
Ultimately, we decided to go with Atomic City Labrador because of both the quality of dogs offered, and Brittany’s transparency through the puppy-buying process. I would recommend her
~ Jordan and Joe Lichthardt Feb. 3, 2020

Good morning, Happy Mother’s Day.
Brittany is the best dog breeder I have ever met.  She was hands on from the very start.  We were able to go see and handle the puppies at any time, she was so accommodating and welcomed us into her home.
Her knowledge is outstanding when it comes to her little fur babies.  So experienced and her love for them definitely shows.  She made this experience the best ever since day one.  I ordered the dog food and vitamins which she used and my other dogs love them too!  Always returned my calls and texts, almost immediately.  Sent videos and we were able to watch our little guy grow.  Loved that her children were always interacting,  handling, and so loving with the pups.  He is the smartest dog.  He was 26 lbs at 10 weeks.  He potty trained in less than 2 weeks, learned to sit, learned to lay down, learned to wait for a treat til we said OK.  His favorite past time is playing in his pool.  Brittany made sure they loved water.  Makes it so much easier for us at bath time. And he slept through the night on the first night!!. Walks great on his leash also.   Such a loving pup, I believe he is the way he is due to Brittany and all the love she gave him.  I would recommend her to everyone who is in search of their perfect Labrador.  We love her!!!!!  
~Shelton Family May 10, 2020

Brittany was wonderful to work with. Her hard work and dedication and love presents amazing quality puppies. My puppy is beautiful and she is practically training herself to go outside. She’s very smart and fit right in to our household. We love Brittany and we love our puppy. We absolutly Love her fox red coloring!

~ Donna Clark, April 2020.

Brittany was wonderful to work with.  She is very professional, but also warm and welcoming.  We visited our puppy (Vader, black male) before he was ready to come home.  She spent time with us answering questions and informing us of details of the litter. She is very informative about her litters.  She welcomes families into her home to show them where the puppies were born, where they spend their time the first few months, and where they are trained and receive exercise.   We also loved that Brittany’s own children are very much involved with the litter while they are young.  We feel that helped our puppy understand children.  Our Vader loves our children and brings so much joy to them. Vader is a sweet, smart, handsome boy.  He loves our family as much as we love him.  He is training to hunt with my husband and son and he loves the water.  Vader’s temperament is sweet making him friendly to other dogs that he meets.  Vader is a healthy boy and continues to meet all quality health expectations.

~Kettler Family, June 28th 2020