Please contact Brittany at: or 505- 470-3947

Update as of June 2021: Hey everyone! I hope I’ve just now emailed or called everyone back…. I’m so very sorry for the delay in communication. Usually once the puppies leave me – I spend the next couple of months devoted to my family and friends and anything else that came to the waist side while puppies were here (and mind you thats a lot – I homeschool all three of my young kids and have other obligations, but the puppies come first when with me – thus the large amount of time I use after them to get caught up)…. So, if I happened to miss your email or phone call and you haven’t gotten one back yet – please let me know! We do have a wait list for 2022 started if you’d like to be added. No I am not planning another litter this year (2021).

Thank you and God Bless