Updates: 2/8/2011: Ultrasound confirmed Pregnancy!!! We are on target for our 2021 litter! X-Ray planned for March 8th, that will tell us how many puppies.

2/2/2021, We have had a family emergency yesterday…. I will probably be unreachable for the week, Please bare with us and i’ll get back to every when I can. **No it wasn’t with any of our dogs – Please keep my grandmother in your prayers)

2/1/2021: Tamina is scheduled for an Ultrasound 2/9/2021 to confirm pregnancy! Will keep you updated. I think this is harder on me than you guys :/

1/31/2021: Due to the number of interest in our 2021 litter, I’m saying the litter is spoken for! I have already started our wait list for 2022!

Check out our puppy update page for more information. We update our facebook page the most: Atomic Cite Labrador Retrievers

These two are 8 weeks old! Hershey will be going to his Furever home in a couple of days. We have the pleasure of working with Bruce for another two weeks! (2019 litter)