Update as of June 2021: Hey everyone! I hope I’m caught up and that I’ve now emailed or called everyone back…. I’m so very sorry for the delay in communication. Usually once the puppies leave me – I spend the next couple of months devoted to my family and friends and anything else that came to the waist side while puppies were here (and mind you thats a lot – I homeschool all three of my young kids and have other obligations, but the puppies come first when with me – thus the large amount of time I use after them to get caught up)…. One of the big reasons I only have the one litter a year; other reason being Tamina and Dustan are first and formost our pets. They are not just here for breeding. I’ve also been asked to breed her more because the demand is so high right now for labs – well puppies in general. And i’m sorry but I will not (purposely) breed her more than once a year. I can help you find other breeders that have more dogs (thus more litters a year- that I know and trust) so you don’t have to wait a year or more for mine.

So, if I happened to miss your email or phone call and you haven’t gotten one back yet – please let me know – it was not intentional, I had a lot to go through! We do have a wait list for 2022 started if you’d like to be added. No I am not planning another litter this year (2021).

Thank you and God Bless


2/2/2021, We have had a family emergency yesterday…. I will probably be unreachable for the week, Please bare with us and i’ll get back to every when I can. **No it wasn’t with any of our dogs – Please keep my grandmother in your prayers)

2/1/2021: Tamina is scheduled for an Ultrasound 2/9/2021 to confirm pregnancy! Will keep you updated. I think this is harder on me than you guys :/

1/31/2021: Due to the number of interest in our 2021 litter, I’m saying the litter is spoken for! I have already started our wait list for 2022!

Check out our puppy update page for more information. We update our facebook page the most: Atomic Cite Labrador Retrievers

These two are 8 weeks old! Hershey will be going to his Furever home in a couple of days. We have the pleasure of working with Bruce for another two weeks! (2019 litter)